Sample Cover Letters for All Job Seekers

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Sample Cover Letter

James Littler
1242 Jones Ave
San Jose, CA
H: (650) 555-8745
M: (650) 555-2578

August 11, 2001

Mr. Henry Lawrence, Esquire
Lawrence, Collins & Grant, P.S.
7212 Cardinal Drive N.W.
St. Louis, MO 63109

Dear Mr. Lawrence:

I recently spoke with Matt Smith who informed me of your opening for a trial attorney. I would be honored to serve your firm and contribute to your outstanding reputation in the community. As you will note, I have…

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Cover Letter Basics

Cover Letter basic rules

If you want to learn how to write a cover letter you need to know the basic inf0rmation. Here are some guidelines that you should always follow when writing a cover letter.

Don’t send generic letters

When you are sending a letter of application to a company, send a letter tailored to that company. If your cover letter doesn’t speak directly to the recipient, it won’t be effective. Make sure that your letter shows your knowledge about and interest in the organization.

This is your first impression

Whether you want to admit it or not, first impressions are important. Your cover letter is your first impression. If you are uncertain about how to write a good cover letter, download a cover letter package such as the one available from Perfect Cover Letters. Make sure to use the proper grammar and the appropriate professional letter format. Print your cover letter on high-quality paper.

Capture the employer’s interest

If you don’t get the recruiter’s interest with your cover letter, you are wasting your time sending one. Tell the employer something interesting and make them WANT to read your resume.

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